Please contact Sheila using the “contact” link to register for or arrange any of the following:

Public Presentations: We do about one presentation/month for museums, organizations, etc. Some are open to the public.

Private Events: A special occasion for celebration or commemoration or just “being together” can be arranged, for example, at a home or meeting room.


Introduction to Chado: A single lesson arranged when 2 to 10 guests register. It includes an authentic tea ritual, an introduction to guest etiquette, being served a sweet & matcha tea, & a printed summary about the Way of Tea. Reservations must be made a week in advance. Cancellations must be 24 hrs. in advance.

Beginners’ Series: A 10-lesson series of classes is for 4 or 5 students to study the “tray method,” which you can enjoy for yourself, friends, & family. You may then consider asking Sheila Sensei to apply for you for a Beginners’ License from the Urasenke Foundation to study other procedures.

Private Lessons: Can be arranged in San Marcos or the Austin-San Antonio area.

Regular Tea Classes: Are usually held twice a month for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

Cost: $100 minimum for Introduction to Chado. $250 for the 10-lesson Beginner series. $25 for Regular Beginners Tea classes.

Students may sit on chairs. If on cushions and/or on tatami mats, one should wear loose slacks or skirt to protect the knees & bring white socks.